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The team of A to Z possess a unique combination of facility design experience and a strong background in actual hands-on management of large public aquariums and zoological parks in several countries around the world.
This combination allows for a practical approach to the design process creating an end product that is functional, financially viable and culturally relevant.

Business and Facility Development for Zoos and Aquariums:
-Feasibility studies
-Comprehensive business plans
-Concept, design and construction
-Project management

Operations Management and Animal Programs:
-Animal Acquisition
-Animal training and medical care
-Dolphin interactions and animal shows (click for more information)
-Staff training and management

International Affairs:
-Government advisory for development of animal regulations
-Assist companies for compliance of international standards
-Securing international and national permits

From Aquariums to Zoos, Aardvarks to Zebras, We Have A Service That Fits Your Needs

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