Custom Packages:
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Project: Resorts World at Sentosa
Location: Singapore

Project: Disney Animal Kingdom
Location: Orlando, Florida

< Business and Facility Development for Zoos and Aquariums:
-Feasibility studies
-Comprehensive business plans
-Concept, design and construction
-Project management

Operations Management and Animal Programs:
-Animal acquisition and training
-Dolphin interactions and animal shows (click for more information)
-Staff Training and Management

International Affairs:
-Government advisory for development of animal regulations
-Assist companies for compliance of international standards
-Securing international and national permits

From Aquariums to Zoos, Aardvarks to Zebras, We Have A Service That Fits Your Needs

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A to Z Animal Management Consulting

Custom Packages:
We offer packages that can be customized based on your needs. Contact us for more information.


Our services are based on the concept of providing our clients with the framework that is necessary for building an organized team of animal care personnel and then collaborating with the management to integrate this framework into the organization. We strive to implement an effective system that allows for progression in an environment of often changing animal care needs. We are flexible
in our services which allows for components of this infrastructure to be offered as a package or individually.

Medical and Husbandry Training
Training zoo and aquarium animals for medical behaviors has proven to be a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy collection. Additionally, voluntary medical exams and procedures eliminate the stress and risk of injury for both the animals and the staff. A to Z Animal Management Consulting has the experience to instruct an organization's staff for proper training of voluntary medical procedures which eliminates the need for high-risk immobilizations.

Establishing Animal Enrichment Programs
Today's zoo and aquarium visitors are very aware of a species' natural behaviors and are able to easily recognize abnormal behaviors. As these visitors become even more educated of the behaviors that should be expected from different species of animals, there is going to be a greater need to exhibit animals that regularly show these natural behaviors. Proper use of enrichment is a solution for providing guests with active animals that perform these natural behaviors. A to Z Animal Management Consulting establishes the framework for successful enrichment programs and trains the staff on how to use this enrichment to obtain the desired results.

Developing Behavioral Management Through Training
Cooperative animal care has been incorporated into many zoos and aquariums around the world. This cooperative animal care provides a mentally stimulating environment for both the staff and the animals. Historical problems such as aggression, compatibility issues and shifting can often times be eliminated in modern zoos by the use of proper behavioral modification methods. A to Z has extensive experience troubleshooting problem behaviors in individual animals as well as establishing comprehensive behavioral conditioning programs for entire facilities.

Program Development for Animal Interactions and Shows
In addition to generating significant revenue, interactions and shows have been proven to be an effective method for captivating the attention of an audience while providing educational opportunities that create lasting memories. Please visit our Dolphin Interactions and Animal Shows page for more information.

On-site Workshops and Seminars
A to Z Animal Management Consulting offers numerous workshops and seminars. Seminar topics include the basics of animal training, the basics of animal interactions, proactive customer service in a zoological setting and advanced animal training. Our seminars are very flexible in duration and content as we customize the content based upon each institution's specific needs.

Contract Animal Training and Animal Care
In today's zoos and aquariums, budgetary constraints often times allow for only basic care of the collection. A to Z offers a cost efficient method for reaching short and long term animal training goals that would otherwise be unattainable due to the lack of extra staff.

From Aquariums to Zoos, Aardvarks to Zebras, We Have A Service That Fits Your Needs

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